Coach Julie Collins

Julie Collins

Coach julie

Certifications – Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer; National Olympic Weightlifting Competitor

I initially took on CrossFit trainings after a spending a lifetime in professional athletics. The fact that I loved sports so much contributed a lot to my decision. Just as much as the fact I did not know what exactly to do after high school sports routine was over.

I quickly progressed in the strength movements and immediately fell in love with those mighty Olympic lifts.

Long story short,  soon after I decided to specialize in it. At the same time, I acknowledged that I wanted to dedicate my time introducing others to the great world of CrossFit. I wanted to guide as many people as possible through those incredible life changes… Through all the healthy spirit and joy that doing sport brings!

For me, there is definitely nothing that tells more about yourself than being behind the barbell all alone. I get the same eerie feeling when I show up every day to a job and teach people. Teaching them to move better, to make their bodies adapt to become stronger, more flexible and fitter is what I do. Also, I teach them about what best traits of an athlete should be… That is a priceless contribution that I am proud of making every day for the last 6 years!


  • 13 Years of experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Training Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • CrossFit Powerlifting Certified
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Certified
  • USAW Level 1 Certified Instructor
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Certified Therapist
  • NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • APEX Certified Personal Trainer